What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

How long a turnaround you expecting? Looking forward to seeing the results :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know to be honest, he was finished with Helmut’s Tuono tank faster than he said but I have just left it up to him. I’ll see it progressing on Nosey Book anyway :+1:. He said he was looking forward to doing a sports bike.


That’s very funny and very true…!
That is exactly why I’m not on it. My wife is but I find it all a bit odd…!

Excited to see the Blade finished.

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Valves all lapped in and no leaky overnight, hooray

kept bashing into a kickstart pedal so had to park it in a different spot - bloody Tractors


I am on it, but no friends added, no posts or photos on my timeline - I have it just to look at the odd women’s bike group etc.

Quite surprising that there’s a noseybook
Page for Odd Women’s Motorcycle Groups, but what do I know …!
How odd do the ladies have to be to qualify do you think…?

I feel like a dinosaur cause I don’t even know what “nosebook” is :slightly_frowning_face:

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I usually refer to it as “Faecesbook”…

Arsebook :laughing:

An oil and filter change on the mrs. Striple…


Well you’ve met me briefly so you do have an idea of how odd you have to be to qualify :laughing:.

Couldn’t let a sunny day pass by without making good use of it, especially as it’s been 11 days since my last ride.

The roads were rather wet to start out with and many had large puddles covering half the width which required some careful navigating. As did the corners on the back roads I was travelling due to mud and gravel wash. Looked like some car drivers weren’t as cautious as me because I passed three different cars parked in ditches just after corners.


Took Speedy out for a spin…


Bit cold I would imagine … it’s rubbish here. Wet, windy and struggling to get above 7 degrees…!

We had the sun out today, but at 9C it was a bit nippy… Good to be out though!


We went for a ride to The Piston Club today; I took the Street Triple and Helmut the Multistrada. There was still a bit of residual flooding here and there but overall it was a lovely ride, first one over 100 miles for the year…spring must be on the way :crossed_fingers:. Home just in time to avoid the rain too, most out of character for me!


Today we went to the first meet of the year at HR4K which is pretty local to us; the turn out wasn’t bad for a damp weekend in February!


The bands of rain finally synchronised to pass during the night to leave a full ‘dry’ day and the temperature at dawn was a balmy 8°C, so finally could escape the local roads I’ve been confined to for a few months and head further afield to the Peak District.

Where the roads had good drainage they were soon drying but many places had puddles the full width of the road and a couple of times were deep enough to force me to turn around. Many of the single-track roads by farms and fields were also rather sketchy with the wet mud, leaf slush and gravel. Still, was great to be out on some of my less travelled roads.


That’s a cracking photo!

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