Who do YouTube follow?

I love youtube subtitles when watching bike vids. When you hear a nice exhaust note, the subs say… ‘music’ :smile:

" an event of a car,"


I watched that the other day…

Will you be watching the Rugby tomorrow?

Nope, no real interest in it.

I much prefer this one - looks more convincing as a car.


Alright i suppose but i wouldn’t want him to be embarrassed of my trip to sunny hunny…


I’ve been following this chap for ages (a 2stroke engine inventor) and this episode sees him grab a little success… I can’t tell you how happy I am for him :grin: onwards n upwards

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He’s fun to watch, but I felt bad for the old suzuki GT550 when he holed the piston :frowning_face:

30 minutes of brilliance.

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A particularly good episode

Yep done project Binky, not all of it as it’s a very long series but it’s entertaining and a fantastic bit of unusual engineering. They did a cargo too but didn’t get time to follow that one.

For those on faecesbook…


Wow, much awesomeness in these creations


This is Dick’s Matisse.

And here’s the article (in which a Sid Ormrod gets a mention… he was from Ulverston, my home town, nicely circular for me :grin:)

Crank.pdf (1.3 MB)

There’s a hill on the way I used to go to Pitsford from Rothwell, not partuicularly steep but it was my ‘ride test’ hill. If I couldn’t get a bike to pull passed 60mph on that hill then it didn’t pass. I’ve ridden loads of 5TAs and T100s up that hill. None of them passed the test. I’ve always stayed clear of 500cc (and less) Brits since then and have always viewed them as commuter bikes.
This, however, is quite interesting. I suspect that one would pass the ‘hill test’. I wish I had the capabilities to try this out on a 750 Bonny.
I expect they’ll be an external oil filter doing away with the sludge trap and it’ll need a rebuild pretty often given how the big end oil feed is around the flywheel connecting bolts.
But blimey, a pools win would have me trying that out on a bigger engined Bonny.
Good stuff, thanks for posting @DCS222 , enjoyed that, :slightly_smiling_face:


@iron, If I win the pools, can’t think who I’d rather ask…