What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

Metisse for me please.

Aberaeron for pysgod a esglodion with Mrs W, lovely ride up and back


Nope, those roads you’ll never tire of! NOT jealous, NOT! :see_no_evil::rofl:

No need for unintellageable spells mate… :see_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No probs, I am always taken by the Cagiva Mito when it appears.

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It’s Welsh for “Fish and Chips defy gravity”

Always a pleasure to educate and enlighten :+1:t3:

Probably had another top end rebuild since last time :boom:


Had a great run this morning, that wee bike is amazing when you spank it, so much so I made a tank last under 100 mile :crazy_face:

And home in time to listen to the senior TT :grinning:



Blimey, that;s a good average! you weren’t hanging about! :astonished:


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Funny thing is I went from the superduke to the street triple because I was being too much of a hooligan on the ktm :joy:

Well, even the mrs’ 2008 is mischief-inspiring - your contemporary machine probably even more! :laughing:


Today I rode my Street Triple and Helmut his Tuono to a suspension set up day near to us that had Will from SWB Racing doing the set - ups. He is the person we went to see last year who did my Street Triple so Helmut thought he’d see what he would do for the Tuono - won’t steal Helmut’s thunder, but he’s chuffed to bits with it. I almost took my Blade but I just want to get to know it a little bit better first, there’s nothing immediately “wrong” with it to me that needs urgent sorting and I want to really feel what it is doing in detail first. I have put quite a few miles on, but the majority so far have been cold / wet so they have been less “carefree” than warm, dry ones.

It took a while whilst the Tuono waited for its turn and then Helmut went for his test ride, but it was great watching Will at work and learning from him :+1:.

It was later than expected when we left and I abandoned my grand plans for a full day out, due to the time and the insane volume of traffic on the roads so we just rode to a local place for a drink and came home - under 40 miles ridden for me today.

It wasn’t uneventful as I watched @Helmut take a pigeon strike to the upper arm whilst we were making fairly swift progress - it exploded and then a chunk of former pigeon hit my visor. Luckily Helmut just has a pretty sore arm from his murderous exploits and the bird detritus was easily cleaned off my visor, could have been worse!


Jeez, that could have been worse. Must’ve scared the bejesus out of you both.

Sorry about the exploding pigeon; glad to hear @HelmutVisor is made of sterner stuff. :grin:

Tell him he deffo dodged a bullet there if not a pigeon. His arm will hurt but at least it didn’t hit his bike or yours for that matter as they don’t half make a mess of screens and plastics. I’m sure you’ll look after him for taking 1 for the team…

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That’s your second bird strike, isn’t it?

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I know…first was that pheasant :person_facepalming:. It was me that hit that one though. One each!

Exploding pigeons are quite spectacular as they tend to loose a lot of feathers on impact! Lucky alright, a foots difference could have been a head strike :grimacing: there a big heavy lump, and can be doing 50mph on their own.


You must be unlucky: I don’t remember ever hitting one. Let’s hope things don’t come in threes!